The Los Angeles area has a number of experiences dealing with hazardous wastes and storing those wastes for proper treatment.  Our frac tanks are rented to help in that process.  I found this article that really helps explain the process of Bioremediation in detail.  Follow the quote below to the full article at WCPOnline.  There are some very interesting developments in this area of hazardous waste management!

What is bioremediation?
Bioremediation is the breakdown (biodegradation) of contaminating compounds using microorganisms. These microbes often use contaminants as a food source, thereby completely eliminating toxic compounds by changing them into basic elements such as carbon dioxide and water, a process known as mineralization. Incomplete degradation may also occur, or the partial breakdown of the original contaminant to a less complex form. Another result may be the transformation of a compound to a different chemical structure that may affect the toxicity and mobility of the original agent. Sometimes immobilization of a compound occurs where the agent is overcome by the microbe but not eliminated or altered, which is often a potential benefit but rarely a final solution.

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